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We don’t just sell prodcuts.We solve the plastic waste problem on planet for better future.Using our eco products you sleep better knowing that you’re also helping the planet for future generations.Our vision is make a difference in the world we live in.

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101% BPA FREE ,Non Toxic

Of course ! We use “non-toxic, non-leaching ” material to made products ,it’s why we designed Dr.BPAFREE ! It’s our commitment to health that provide only 101% BPA FREE products ! Read National Toxicology Program (NTP) report here… for Why use BPA FREE?

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The plastic contains health hazardous chemicals that may leach into food when it’s heated .These checmicals effects on the brain and behavior of baby and young children. Relax ! Our products are “heatproof” or “microwave-safe.”

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Our innovative products make yourself and your kids health-conscious and responsible about enviornment .


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"A chemical like BPA reprograms your kids cells and ends up causing a disease "
Don't use plastic products !
Let's green up !
Say "No Plastic Please" !

Bisphenol A, well known as BPA, is an industrial chemical used to make certain types of plastics kids products and toys.

BPA was common in baby bottles, sippy cups, baby formula cans, and other products for babies and young children.

National Toxicology Program at the FDA expressed concern about BPA’s possible effects on the brain and behavior of infants and young children.
Read report here...
Studies have also linked to BPA to neurodevelopmental disorders and asthma in kids.

Studies have shown that even low-level exposure can lead to reproductive harm, including poor sperm count, early puberty, increased risk of cancer, depression and obesity in girls and boys.

It is a good idea to always KEEP KIDS AWAY FROM plastic BPA products and use only Dr.BPA free products for make a difference in the world we live in.

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